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If you own any of my work, here’s a little bit about caring for your pieces.

As with any handcrafted piece, washing by hand is advised. However, all pieces are dishwasher-safe, microwave safe, and oven-safe so long as there is no shock to temperature (cold-to-hot or hot-to-cold).

Wares in a glossy finish are hard-wearing and marking should only occur after some time. A matte finish will be more porous, and use of cutlery over a matte glaze can leave light marking on the surface of your piece.

Marking can be more or less noticeable depending on the colour of the glaze and the pressure of your cutlery. However, you will find that these marks tend to blend out into the general patina of your plate of bowl over time. If this marking is an issue for you, I recommend sticking to pieces with a glossy finish.

My work is thrown on the potter’s wheel and is individual in its measurements and glaze effects, to be celebrated.

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Skye Corewijn
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